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Assyrian National Broadcasting

The Team

Mr. Ninos Ternian, a successful Assyrian entrepreneur and true nationalist, established the Assyrian National Broadcasting also known as ANB Sat in November of 2011 to serve the entire Assyrian nation without any political, religious, or any affiliation otherwise.


Mr. Ternian's mission was to give every Assyrian a voice and to build a bridge between East and West. He named his very first program, "A Bridge to Nineveh", emphasizing his mission. The main goals of the Assyrian National Broadcasting are preserving our heritage, culture, and language, giving our nation a voice, and connecting all political parties, humanitarian and cultural organizations, churches, and individuals within our nation.


Now in existence for over six years, the Assyrian National Broadcasting has contributed greatly to preserving our heritage, culture, and language by building a bridge between Assyrians all around the world.


Thanks to the Assyrian National Broadcasting, many of our political and humanitarian organizations now have a media outlet and are closer to achieving their goals and focuses. At the same time the Assyrian National Broadcasting supports our churches, artists, authors, and everyone who is contributing to the betterment of our nation's future in a neutral and honest manner.


For the first couple of years, ANB Sat was only available on satellite in the U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico. In order to accomplish our main goals and objectives, we recently expanded our coverage to the Middle East through NileSat.


Besides all the benefits ANB Sat offers to many organizations and individuals today, many Assyrian business owners now have a platform, which they can use to reach their market and grow to success. Many Assyrians who have recently fled to different countries have found hope in watching ANB Sat and hearing their own language in foreign countries. We have brought first hand reports from Assyrians around the world in collaboration with other Assyrian media. With ANB's help more than $1.5 million have been raised for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, in just the past couple years.

The Team of ANB Sat

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Ninos Ternian

Founder and CEO


 271 Barnard Ave. San Jose, CA 95125

CALL: +1-408-465-0900   |   EMAIL: INFO@ANBSAT.COM

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